05 may ’08 – 1520 hrs- at a oosacha rasacha dhukan [ Before u think I’m mad – its a sugarcane juice shop]

Pune- Redefining perspectives

¾    Waking up to a large german shepherd sniffing your face

¾    Staying overnight at office and still doing nothing

¾    Architectural photography, through the eyes of Flicker-obsessed DSLR owners

¾    People with triangular ideas [not square] a.k.a my boss

¾    Getting complimented on ur nosering

¾    Working 9 – 9 with nothing but shoptalk

¾    Guys and girls (men and women) sitting squeezed together on buses – yes even strangers

¾    Flowershops and roses (eve Jeeyrbera!) at literally every corner

¾    Sharing an auto with 9 other strangers every morning

¾    Going out for every meal

¾    Little girls asking “You don’t know Marathi? Cha! “ with ultimate disdain

¾    Going for bike rides at 2 in the a.m. after a late nite movie ofcourse

¾    Hostel curfew at 10 p.m

¾    Getting ur first paycheque

¾    And yeah.. keeping quiet all day.. Marathi blues..