Waking up at the crack of dawn could [and when I say could, I mean only could ] be all its cracked! up to be.

In my summer vacation nevertheless, I never imagined that this would become my habit & voluntarily no less. Yes, I have been waking up at 6 a.m. every day for the last week, despite sleeping at my usual hours of 12, 2, 3 a.m. Though I must confess I barely know what to do to keep myself occupied during these wee hours. This post too is a product of the forced [‘cos I have nothing better to do] introspection that I undergo each day.

Maybe it us just to enjoy the Sun God’s benevolent smile for a bare hour before cringing and cursing the heat, dust and sweat through the day ; through screwed up eyes @ his glare ].

– Or it’s an effort to make myself hungry enough to begin withstanding the onslaught of food with which aunty attacks [oops showers] me with everyday.

– Or even a method to expend all the excess energy [& hopefully melt some of the lipid accumulation] acquired through sheer joblessness.

– Or just my general nice nature [?!] to please everyone else who have the odd habit of waking at this hour and making sufficient noise [as part of their everyday responsibilities, duties no less; of course] .