Walking down just about 10 kms worth of dry dusty path in the oh so perfect time of 11 a.m. in the morning made me realize a lot of things.

– Waking up @ weird pre-dawn hours has vague benefits including avoiding the abundant largesse of the mid-day sun.

– The definition of ‘Stamina’

– A renewed respect for the sheer grit and stubbornness of the 5 year old whose legs were toddling alongside ours for the entire journey.

Just after I finished congratulating myself for sheer endurance, not being scared out of my wits at the probability of being gored by wild pigs running amuck in the nearby field, and of course my ears for bearing the constant onslaught of Marathi chatter from the 3 kids ranging from 5- 11 (all directed at me, I presume); all this in the space of few moments of blessed rest under the cool shade of a mango tree (gloating, that’s what it is !) ; our guide (a scrawny kid with oversized glasses) had his father admonishing him for taking so long as we could have taken a comfortable short-cut @roughly one-fourth the distance.

(Swami, tu gela!) was the first thought that ran in my mind – but wasn’t it our fault for not knowing the way?! Even then good exercise training beta, thanks for expressing your opinion of our strength so eloquently (the kids didn’t flinch one bit @ the entire ordeal – so I was the only sufferer I guess L )

Hmm… but the afternoon we spent after that more than overcompensated for it. Most of my metropolitan as well as not-so-metropolitan city friends will scarcely believe what n all I ate and how!