3 hrs every alternate afternoon

(The joys of design studio)

The clock ticks, the paper rustles and the pencil rests. It is a bright afternoon in a studio full of brighter students bursting with ideas. Ahem! The author is a (im-)perfect example, as we might say, of the budding prodigies waiting to bring their designs to life.

For those who belong to the unlucky (?!) majority of they who are not a part of the designer’s coterie – it is an architectural design studio and yours truly and unfortunate unwilling participant.

It happens to be the staunch belief of the Great Masters who devised our curriculum (or consigned our academic lives to doom) that 9 hrs of forced attendance at such a studio would help (or rather torture) us into channelling out imagination in a productive manner. That is instead of idling i.e. any sort of free hours where we could and would probably relax our tired cerebrum .. and cerebellum and medulla oblongata.. in order to ensure its sustained good health. For lesser mortals, it is called sleep.

This brings us back to our setting, a room (sorry studio) of nearly basketball court proportions liberally punctured by large windows ( to set an atmosphere of brilliant light) and occasionally even a trestle with a sleeping – thinking student on it quite haphazardly strewn about. It is our sacred temple of learning, where we are banned speech, food, music, interaction of any sort and probably even ourselves all under the all-encompassing order of our Head (Hail Hitler! ) in pursuit to higher mental development. A conducive atmosphere, maybe not to the design process (at least for me), but for a leisurely rant as exemplified by this oh-so-wonderful offering.