Be it a flower, a swastika, the sun or any other idea that is spouted by the inexperienced first year student’s fertile imagination, it never fails to evoke a cartoon or even a caricature of what its interpretation as a physical entity a . k . a building might turn out to be like.

Whoosh – that was a huge sentence and I’m finally out of breath! Not that I should be, considering the experience i have chalked up by now on elaborating on similar concepts on literally everything under the sun and maybe even above . hmm.. . Concept, concept…. What may I ask, is a concept? That is the million dollar question that we always seem to be stuck with. (Right after why did I join architecture / Can’t I just go to sleep? of course) A varied spectrum of explanations invariably follows.

Hey and by the way it’s too much for me to list down right now so don’t ask. Instead i now dole out to you a customised personal invitation to the Architecture department – bang in the middle of Evaluation / Jury / Discussion – there you would definitely get it.

What is one person’s concept / Ethereal Dream (with a capital E and D) / unattainable goal / inspiration and so on. could easily and is usually another’s idea of utter idiocy / nightmare / childish scrawl / poor excuse of time pass. So what is the concept of a concept? What it should or even could be is the justification – perceived or real of designer’s creativity. Or it is as easily a particle of the floating jetsam of an illogical stream of consciousness (a.k.a pure crap!).