The circadian rhythm

* Read the newspaper – up with info empowerment.. erm.. isn’t that it?
* Sleep – 5 hrs atleast..
* Read another blog

Hebdomadal – whoosh.. that means weekly, people

* Another outpouring of my soul / mind – posts galore..
* Watch a new movie – yeah tough i know.. 😛
* Check off atleast 5 items of my to-do list and not procrastinate

Masika a.k.a every 30 days

* Buy a new book woman!
* Try out a new recipe (*dons chef’s hat and grins)
* A ‘mee and only mee’ day .. in or out whichever u prefer


And to finish it all up.. learn up on a new skill to become diva extraordinaire tada… (music rolls on..)

And exit stage right.