Sitting in one of my more boring theory lectures this sem ( and that’s a high honour..), I am desperately seeking a means of entertainment – for the past 2-3 classes actually.

You may ask why I don’t come prepared for such an inevitable quandary, but the fact is, by the time I make it to class the only throne left happens to be the first bench. What horrors to be subjected to, especially when you are clearly looking forward to spending yet another leisure hour while still needing the stamp of attendance.

Despite having 4 fiction novels in my bag begging for attention, I am unable to give in to temptation, or rather forbidden. Sigh, the only option left is to yes, to randomly put down words on paper. I can also say this is a major effort on my part to get over my writer’s block phase wherein for the last 3 weeks, putting pen to paper has only resulted in doodly scrawls. And mind you, my doodling is infamous as are any of my artistic (?!) endeavours. Speaking of which, is this one?