– an article for the LnD noticeboard, a desperate bid for creativity in my 2nd yr

Trudging through the dreary halls of our esteemed institution, our eyes lock onto the signs of the energy crisis which is visible everywhere. A drop to the shoulders, a hunch of the back seems characteristic of every student. You may wonder why this sudden observation of what is long considered part and parcel of everyday life but reality bites, hits you hard, stabs you in the back, front or what the heck even in the sides when it wants to.
The marked lack of enthusiasm is the first trait observed by any outsider who sets foot inside the campus. is it due to the gently blowing breeze, rolling acres of lush greenery with a few buildings haphazardly thrown in constitute our organisation? Or the perpetually sleepy atmosphere perfect for a cosy nap that we walk about in, in our woolly-headedness that cushions anything we manage to cram in just before our evaluations, just so that we are unable to retrieve it without pulling out a few strands of our hair out too in sheer frustration; that is if we can bring ourselves to pull out of our location-induced stupor.
We could also take into account the mind-numbing monotony of the daily routine; hours of open-mouthed open-eyed mental absences and repetitive visits to the same haunts that everyone seems to mill about in. Considering all this and all the endless other attributes that endear this place to us, is it any wonder that we see living zombies drift about in the so-called hallowed environs.
Well the end result of this is the phenomenon of energy crisis which was the impetus for this piece of writing which again is nothing but the rant of a dillusioned collegian or just the product of a hyperactive overworked imagination. (I hope!)