– Herr Rotn Tometou

I hereby exercise my divine right to the freedom of expression for continuously, fluently, randomly trashing everything under the sun, or above, or anything even remotely unconnected to it. Hmm..
The trashcan – a humble receptacle of garbage, a silent witness to the daily tortures inflicted by it’s users and especially non-users. The symbol of the dead, decaying and deteriorating. Or shall we say, a candid display of all our dirty linen, oops wastes.
InΒ  my case, my take on the horrors inflicted upon us in the form of incompetency, idiocy, irony and cos’ I can’t come with any more i…y words right now, u fill it up. Whether the trashcan has been an eye-opening or even a vaguely, tolerably entertaining set of articles for you or not, it is an amazing way for me to
…… pass my time (right now I’m writing this in class, yes, I am subjected to that too..)
…… subject quite a lot of people to my scintillating writing skills.
…… subject a select few (mind you, most of whom I don’t know) to a thorough verbal lashing.
I confess, I Herr. Rotn Tometou am not a single writer, but the collective critic’s spirit of a generation of student writers, so as to speak. A convenient and might I say popular front to freely express themselves in the safest manner possible… right.. (mostly I guess..)
So I hope to live on (forever..nah!, We’ll change the name @ some point of time) and entertain all of you with scathing wit, searing critique and insightful vision. hah!