The 11 o’clock lull. The clock tolls 11 or therabots when everything slowly seems to be winding down. Its the penultimate hour – but for what is the issue here. Be it a.m. or p.m., this is the time around when my brain starts to shut down, my fingers turn numb and wiggly, and only one sensation (if u can call it that) seems paramount  – the hunger pangs of my growling stomach.
Whether my lunch is to happen 12, 1 or even 4 p.m., everyone and everything seems to dim down in anticipation of food, all work stops – even when there’s only mess food to look forward to. And this is what causes maximum tension during my exams which invariably end up being scheduled between 9 – 12 or worse 11 – 12 in the forenoon; wherein there is almost no point in me attending it anyway.
At night also, whether dinner’s at 7 p.m. or 10 p.m., my stomach seems to have the miraculous ability to speed up or slow down my system such that at 11 sharp, my internal clock starts ‘Hungry, dong, Hungry, dong’. Though  this seems to wind down to a manageable level in 2-3 hours, these sensations mark the passage of my day only to get heightened when I’m bored and have nothing better to do. Ahem.
Aha! Its 12 now and I’m off to pester everyone to join me for lunch.