Just after turning the last page of the ‘ Abhorsen’, I was filled with regret, a sense of loss even. When I read a book, it’s like living in a whole new world – an alternate reality, totally absorbed within. The smooth flow of¬† the language and rich descriptions have always entranced me and pulled me into living and breathing with the characters who adorn the pages narrating the tale. Especially the genre of fantasy evokes an animate picture of lives lived – of centuries past, present or yet to be, or even other dimensions yet undiscovered. This exerts a natural attraction and holds me spellbound. I could wax on lyrical about the beauty of the language and intricacies of creative writing, which does not but reiterates the fact that I am first and foremost a self-confessed bookworm. And one who likes to ramble on about it too. So be it. A slice of fantasy, served on my personal platter.