A day – 24 hours or an episode in a work week or a plethora of experiences. Personally I prefer the last option, I’m pretty sure most people will. Let me illustrate.

Recently, midway through my sessional evaluation week, my classmates decided that they were done with being frustrated with their exams and would proactively do something to rectify the situation. They decided to go for a movie as a group for the first time in 5 years (finally!). I’d like to add here that time and again, I’ve tried to find company during the sleepy free time that is my exam week to do exactly this, but to no avail – I was always met with firm protests of ‘no-no, we have to stay (even if we are accomplishing zilch in terms of studies) b’cos we would feel too guilty otherwise’. What a sense of logic. What’s a girl to do then in the face of such verbose assault on her conscience? Simple, go back to sleep – which is how I relax in preparation for the exam.

Anyway, the day had already dawned bright and early, having woken up at 6 a.m. to start studying for the 9.30 exam and then screwing up said exam spectacularly. And at 10.30 when the exam ended, we had also miraculously gotten permission to conduct our case study in IIMK after 2 weeks of futile calls and letters requesting the same.

So, we were off for a whirlwind tour of IIMK, during their lunch hour at that; then wheedled a discussion out of their engineer, made copious notes for reference with attached photos and it was already 2.30 p.m. The movie was @ 3.30.

So off I rushed for my 45 minute roller coaster ride (also called a bus journey) to the city. After a wild dash to the tailors (another futile attempt to collect my long overdue clothes) , I finally reached the theatre just in time. The movie was ‘Wake up, Sid’ which proved to be a visual treat but otherwise just light time pass. Good enough to warrant our hurry to catch it in its last day in the theatre. And top it all off with the requisite corn and soft drinks (salted corn and sweet, dead Diet Pepsi instead of buttered popcorn and frothy drinks, but hey it’s the best that the Crown, Calicut has to offer).

After all this, we headed back to hostel and I managed to force myself to start on a much-pending assignment due close to 2 weeks ago.

At it’s only at 12 in the night when I’m finally getting to bed I wondered where the day had gone, whether it was a single day when I’d manage to do all this and that too with 2 exams awaiting me on the morrow.

There’s a sort of fullness to the day that is enviable compared to the relative monotony of routine college days despite the fact that it’s the contrast with those other days that make the experience of this day all the more pleasurable.