It seems to me that I need to be on a train & bored before I can induce myself to write, despite my constant resolutions to be more regular. Anyway, this post is on trains, of thoughts.

There is this little quirk of mine – I nod off into blissful oblivion on any mode of transportation, be it cars, buses, even bikes, all except trains. And a train journey seems to function as an automatic lullaby for most of my lucky friends who also happen to be my co-passengers. Hence, I spend my time on train journeys majorly in 2 ways – either bugging my hapless companions for entertainment or bugging myself to fall asleep (that is if I don’t have my nose buried in a book). The latter action is particularly difficult for me, worse than even my daily struggles to stay awake in class. Really. I wonder at what sort of perverse fate decrees this sort of eccentricities of a person, just so as to make said person’s life just a tad more interesting a.k.a difficult. (rolls eyes)

This habit of mine forces me to creatively (that’s a relative term, mind you) search for ways to tire myself out the day of the journey, in an effort to induce sleep, even to the extent of staying up the previous night pointlessly, pretending to catch up on my backlog of work! Else, it results in me sitting up almost all night wondering what to do with myself or randomly putting thoughts to words. Not a pleasant or purposeful prospect. Usually.

The major hindrance to this effort are my well meaning family members who follow a strict code of rules according to which gadding about the day of any journey is not just avoidable, but downright hazardous to my mental and physical well being. Conversely the same family (i.e. my darling mom) throws a mighty fit when  I sleep through an entire car journey over 24 hours ( just conserving my energy, really) and yet remain tired even on reaching the destination. (exhibited by my unwillingness to wake up at unearthly hours after sleeping anytime past 10 at night.

Yet another irony in the riddled course of my life.