In a characteristic last minute rush, I decided to go home this Diwali spurning long-standing plans of Dept. & college celebrations. I dunno what exactly I was looking forward to, but going home right then seemed to be a brilliant idea.

I reached only on Diwali morning, which allowed for a long leisurely bath & pooja session unlike the usual hurry-flurry of being woken up unceremoniously @ 4 a.m., being forced to finish my ablutions in record time and get down to bursting crackers before sunrise which was typical of my childhood. The rest of the day was usually invariably spent lazing around at home, albeit in new clothes to honour the occasion, whiling away time in front of the TV with maybe a relative / temple visit thrown in.

This year’s celebration was even more low-key considering I had the threat of multiple submissions hovering around my head with guilt poured over my sheer audacity to actually come home in such a busy time.

In the evening when in the evening when I randomly went to the beach with my cousin, we ended up watching brilliant firework displays while eating icecreams.  It was only then I wondered at my changing perceptions of what it takes to make a day special from then to now. And simple pleasures such as this definitely top the charts now =).