I’m an ogre when I’m woken up. Really. Atleast that’s what I’m told.

Usually I’m very much a morning person, bestowing cheery good mornings, dispensing random hugs to unsuspecting friends and generally at peace with myself and the world in the morning. But this is usually my second ‘face’ of the morning, once I am out of my bed.

It’s the process of being woken up that is the decisive factor in determining what my first ‘face’ is. Usually just a tap is enough to bring me awake, but it necessarily needs to be a tap, a touch, a connect; not a call or scream. For some reason, I’m absurdly sensitive early in the morning on whether a person is bothered enough to wake me up personally v/s just calling out as they are passing by. The sense of loss/ irritation in the latter version is so-not mild that it seems ridiculous.

And if by any chance you’re an unfortunate soul banging on my door when I haven’t had enough rest, woebegone you. Yeah, I would definitely open the door and think I’m being sweet and nice in obliging whatever the request presented; but in reality I’ve been informed that my ‘face’ is quite a fearsome sight to behold in such a situation even as I’m doing as you ask. Not that I’ve any way or mean to check the veracity of this claim, but still it is interesting to note what your true expression is when you’re most unguarded.