It is often said that Change is inevitable. That may be one of the Immutable Facts of Life, but really, Stodgy acceptance, is that how you want to look at it?

I agree I’d much rather keep myself firmly parked in my couch at home doing nothing rather than take 2 buses across town to go out and meet someone. The well known, well-worn blah-ness is obviously more comforting than any change/ break if only for the so called safety in familiarity factor. But you know what, it’s when I’m taking the new metro route and then a bus and then haggle with an auto guy, all for a coffee’s sake (ok, with a friend! ), I realize that my routine of taking a single a/c Volvo bus happily is what defines my evening.

Similarly, it’s only when you meet a new person (Oh my God! Doesn’t he, like, ever stop talking!), you realize something about your friends circle, even if you’re all the type to chat incessantly over the TV din as well as over each other conversations. Or even is this how the guy in the next cubicle feels when I come to work everyday?

There are always those moments when you suddenly recall someone you used to talk to everyday not even a week ago, even if only when you are deleting your text msg inbox. Sometimes nostalgically, sometimes a “was I that jobless” phase. Nothing much would have happened, save a minor change in your schedule, a new friend, or even a TV show you started watching at that that specific time. <Currently I’m contemplating rewatching Big Bang Theory :P>

Anyway its change in whatever form that keeps things moving. A new face to smile/scowl at is always welcome. So change is not just inevitable, its invited, exciting, vibrant and in a way life itself.