***woke up super-duper late and was out of the house in 25 minutes flat- feeling like I’d had tons of leisure time sipping coffee and swaying to music and what not… effects of awesome shahi paneer for breakfast?? wish for more mornings like this definitely!

***thinking that a ‘lil bit of music <courtesy my awesome assistant> before each lecture makes life awesome – I love even stepping into the classroom all upbeat and ready to lecture 😛 not that I’m not into lecturing anyway…

***listening to speeches on everything from medical marijuana, lowering drinking age, creationism in the classroom…

***missed my bus by just a minute – again! but ah well, getting used to it sometimes…

***feeling hot and cold at the same time – cursing silly heavy coat – sunny days with chilly winds – Oh Ithaca!

***super-hot airforce officer in sight… best entertainment while walking across campus – yay! for eyecandy and vaguely wistfully envious of awesomely dashing appearance

***being totally absent-minded and spilling chocolate milk all over bus stop floor and a random guy’s shoes – fervent apologies – then the awkward moment when you have to just sit there and not know what to say

***unintentionally listening in on conversations across the bus and trying not to laugh out loud

***seeing more people with randomly crazy hairstyles than usual – half shaven head with shoulder-length hair on the other side – really?? weaves starting 5 inches after your forehead o_O is it me or are those people weird???

***experiencing a burst of joy everytime I see the cherry blossom (I think that’s it anyway) trees in full bloom as I walk home

***deciding to blog and then having a million phrases running in my head thoroughly distracting me from every other *essential* task I have to do. # bursts-of-enthusiasm


actually my day started at 11 p.m. last night. so here goes that part…

*** slept off at a crazy 630 p.m. and woke up at 11 going – oh ****! what just happened

*** feeling strangely disconnected from the world and home after hearing about the ‘earthquake’ and not having a clue!

***not being able to fall asleep again and obviously not in any mood to work – lots of timepass seemed to loom on the horizon – screwy sleep cycles!

***midnight mad laundry dash – need clothes to pack off for weekend trip i forgot all about!

***super-productive 2 a.m. madness – wrote tons n tons of stuff,  didn’t realize time pass till 4:30 – the best part of all-nighters