Reading Bill Bryson always makes me happy. and ambitious. Like looking at zenpencils does. Anyway, in this case, while starting to read “I’m a stranger here myself” – just starting,
mind you – a collection of Bills’ experiences on returning to America – my first thought was: why don’t I start writing a weekly column of my experiences in America – which quickly
deteriorated to on a biweekly/monthly/somewhat regular basis – even in my resolution, as soon as I had a coupla moments of reflection.

Now, if you managed to read this massive run-on sentence & made sense of it, you’ll know exactly why I’d make a horrible columnist. My one sentence takes up an entire paragraph and probably requires much hatcheted editing. That, coupled with frequent procrastinating stints and recurring writer’s blocks would make this a crazy challenge. Which would make this daydream of chronicling my experiences over the next twenty years in various countries fairly fanciful. Yet we shall plod on.

And as my ever so helpful audience of few, you can cheer me on by giving me prompts – for the privilege of reading my convoluted thoughts in run-on prose!